Le fondateur d’Ocean Vibes à Tahiti

Ocean Vibes’ founder

With his “papaya slice” smile, Angelo is a playful and jovial person. You will quickly feel at ease with this character who knows how to make you feel confident. Patient, pedagogue and passionate, he knows how to adapt to his public to transmit his knowledge at best.

With 10 years of experience in teaching surfing in France and Tahiti, via Australia, the founder of the Ocean Vibes surf school has developed the necessary skills to help you progress while having fun.

Your instructor is also a federal trainer since he coaches the surfing section of the Mahina high school in collaboration with the Tahitian surfing federation.

Surfing is the art of moving on a natural force inmotion

Ocean Vibes ?

Vibes is short for vibrations. The word can also be translated as atmosphere, mood.

Ocean Vibes captures the atmosphere of the ocean and its waves. The good mood that this surfing atmosphere can transmit to you.

Be water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Ocean Vibes’ commitments

Les engagements d’Ocean Vibes pour les cours de surf à Tahiti

Because the ocean gives us everything, we respect and preserve its closest environment. Thus, we collect the waste found on the way and educate the children to the importance of ecology.

Good mood, respect and conviviality are a constant for us. We take care of you and we adapt to your expectations. Our goal is to make you enjoy every class.

We believe that the fun and pleasure of surfing, in the long run, comes from progress. Thanks to an individual follow-up, precise advices and a specific accompaniment, we are convinced that we can make you progress.