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Your surf school in Tahiti

Do you want to learn how to surf in Tahiti ?

You are already a surfer but you want to improve ?

You don’t have a surfboard in Tahiti but you want to go for a surf ?

The lessons and rentals of our surf school will bring you back in harmony with the waves of Tahiti.

Ocean Vibes surf school propose some surf, longboard, bodyboard lessons in individual or group of six students at the maximum.

Surfing is part of the tahitian culture

The ocean offers a huge natural playground, especially here in French Polynesia. Our surf lessons give you all the keys to access to having fun in this natural park. 

Surfing is a sport that provides thrills, the goal of our surf school is to make you experience its unique sensations. With us, as your surf guide, you will quickly catch waves that you will remember for a lifetime. 

Surf lessons adapted to the age of the students

No matter you age, at our surf school in Tahiti we teach you how have fun surfing with ease. 


Des cours de surf enfants sur Tahiti

Our playful pedagogy, punctuated by games and exercices, offers the opportunity for children to have fun in a safe environment.


Des cours de surf adolescents sur Tahiti

Our sessions will help you progress in a cool environment where you could meet some people.


Des cours de surf adultes sur Tahiti

Thanks to our courses rich in knowledge and practice you will quickly be able to surf by yourself.

Surf lessons adapted to your level

Our learning based on practical exercices, clear demonstrations and individualize advices allow quick and constant improvement. 

Surf level beginner

Des cours de surf débutant sur Tahiti

Your instructor takes care of placing you and pushing you into the waves. You can simply enjoy the ride. 

You will learn all the technical basics of surfing and how to behave to be safe in your practice. 

Surf level intermediate

Des cours de surf intermédiaire sur Tahiti

With its precious advices, the coach will learn you how to catch the wave by yourself. 

We will teach you how to take the right lines to follow the breaking waves. 

Surf level advanced

Des cours de surf avancés sur Tahiti

Tailor-made coaching awaits you to learn the range of tricks you see in videos. 

Thanks to video coaching, you will be able to get a feedback from you performance in your session. 

Surfing is riding waves no matter the kind of board

Because surfing is defined as the action of riding a wave. We also propose you to explore all the possibilities that surfing has to offer. 

We will learn you how to surf on a shortboard, on a longboard and even on a bodyboard

Come easy... in our surf school each lessons included :

Notre école inclus le service de transport dans ses cours

Transport with insurance (from Paea to Papenoo).

Notre école inclus le prêt des planches de surf et accessoires dans ses cours

Equipement loans

Notre équipe est diplômé et équipé pour les premiers secours

BPJEPS and PSE 1 qualified instructor equipped with first aid equipement

Let's get salty?

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